Best Nature Parks in and around Yercaud

Yercaud is a diverse and scenic location in the Shevaroy range and there is no end to the list of things to do, to see, to eat and explore. We have written about adventure options in Yercaud, what to buy in Yercaud etc. However, it will certainly be a mistake to skip over the incredible nature and greenery that Yercaud has to offer.

1)Botanical Garden: The garden is a nice place to visit. Maintained by the Botanical Survey of India, it was established in the year 1963. Spread over 20 hectares, it has around 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs. Kurunji Flower that blooms only once in 12 years is one of the highlights here and the best time to visit the place is during summer. The garden has various sections with respect to the plant species that are growing here like the foliage, topiary, bonsai section with butterfly, herbal, rock, water and sensory garden. It is an overall good place to visit and spend about 2 hours. Saturday and Sundays are holidays for the Botanical garden.

2)Anna Park: Ann Park is bang opposite the Yercaud Big Lake. The park has a collection of natural species of plants and trees that are commonly seen around Shevoroy Hills. There are many flower shows that are conducted in this park during summer months. There is also a small Japanese garden inside the park where children can enjoy. It is not well maintained but well worth a visit. Nominal entry fees and they also have a nursery that is offering plants on sale. It's a must-see place in Yercaud along with family.

3)Rose Garden: The Garden is huge in size and it is set on the hillside with vast amounts of different types of roses. There are many areas in the garden which are being replanted and going in the right season will ensure you can get to see and shoot some great photos. It was a very well maintained the place. If you are fond of natural beauty, then do visit it, it will be a great refreshing place. The location of the Rose Garden is very good as it takes one through the slopes of the hills. There are a couple of resting points providing a good view of the area. You can relax on the lawn and take long walks. Enjoy a beautiful garden filled with multiple varieties of roses.  Our resort in Yercaud is close-by the garden and a ten minute jeep ride will take you to the garden.

4)Lady’s seat: The point that overlooks the winding ghat roads offers a spectacular view of Yercaud. The name is derived from the set of rocks that are formed naturally. As per beliefs there was an English lady in the past who used to spend her evenings at this place watching the beautiful view from this rock. In addition, the place also houses a viewing tower which is equipped with a telescope so as to enjoy the beautiful view of Mettur Dam. The viewing tower is open to visitors during the daytime, a long trek to the top point can be done to gaze at the twinkling lights at the night putting you in a lovely and a tranquil mood. For those who are interested to see in a closer view, there is a mounted telescope too.

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