Honeymoon guide for couples heading to Yercaud

Dubbed as Poor man’s Ooty, Yercaud is a popular tourist destination and is also called as the Jewel of the South. Yercaud is slowly beginning to be one of the most popular destinations of South India when it comes to a laid back honeymoon spot. More than that, it has become quite famous for couples who are looking forward to having a honeymoon after a hectic marriage. Yercaud, not only offers some of the best hilly magic but it also offers an old world charm that gives a romantic vibe to the whole experience. A great escape to unwind and relax which is just 229 km from Bangalore and 366 from Chennai awaits you.

If you are one of the couples who want to witness alluring coffee plantations, memorable experiences, cool weather and a bucket load of memories, Couple friendly resorts in yercaud in Yercaud is the destination right for you. The picturesque location has a pleasant climate all through the year, a bit chilly but it is a fun way to get to a hill station in any season with your endearing spouse. If you want us to help even further, here is a honeymoon guide to seeing places in and around Yercaud if you are planning your most special holiday.

If you are on a honeymoon trip to Yercaud and return home without paying a visit to Pagoda point, then it feels like a crime committed. Standing tall, it is one of the main viewpoints that is located on the eastern part of Yercaud Hills and is often frequented as a trekking destination by the city dwellers. Also known as the pyramid point, the place has got its name due to the presence of 4 piles of stones that are shaped like a pyramid. Apart from the bustling life in Yercaud, this place serves a perfect getaway to embrace the mind with solace and tranquillity. It is advised for couples to visit this place in the morning or evening time, as the weather is pleasant with an extremely peaceful ambience. Make sure you also book Family friendly resorts in yercaud to have a peaceful stay.

The actual enjoyment begins in Yercaud on the roads leading to this destination which is dotted with awe-inspiring waterfalls, tea and coffee estates, and twisty roads with surreal landscapes on every bend. The backdrop of the hills bestows you and your partner the opportunity to capture hundreds of pictures that you can take to cherish and relish each moment to post them on your social media handles.

The calm, unpolluted hill stations is blanketed in various hues of green and had many places that will pique your interest such as fishing in Yercaud Lake, a romantic walk around the botanical Rose garden which is 3 km from Yercaud Lake, boating at Yercaud lake and a photographic journey around the vast Anna Park, a romantic bath under the Kiliyur Falls, trek up to the highest point aka the Lady’s seat which is a cluster of stones that form a seat on the south-west of Shevaroy hills in Yercaud Town are some of the must do’s.

What are you looking for? Grab your phones and book Resorts in yercaud to enjoy the charm of this sleepy little town and the engrossing greenery with panoramic views of the valley.