How to embark on a biking road trip to yercaud

It has become cool nowadays to pick your bike, rent one and leave for the hills. While the thought of a bike drive itself is brilliant, what people who aspire to do a biking trip do not understand that one needs to be mentally and physically prepared to undertake a physically taxing journey. It is not common to come across cases where people have fainted or been extremely breathless in higher altitudes etc.

We have compiled a list of a few things that everyone must keep in mind who is looking to go on a bike trip to Yercaud.

  • Get a thorough health checkup done: Before you embark on any road trip, do not play any guessing games with your health. Make sure you get all the basic health checkups done especially BP, sugar etc. before you embark on a journey. Carry an emergency medicine kit too before you begin to travel. This kit should include Dettol, band-aid, Volini, a couple of bandages and basic medicines for headache, stomach ache, allergies, and some generic painkillers.
  • Book rooms in advance: Your trips are incomplete without booking a proper resting place. Plenty of resorts in Yercaud offer special offers for bikers and travellers like you in advance. When you book in advance you can also get offers up to 50% offers on stay etc. You can now book at Yercaud the Rain Trees resorts to avail the right deal for you.
  • Check out the routes: A lot of people reach Yercaud on bikes and sometimes may realize a road to be blocked or cut off from the main. Do not be one of those people. Make sure you check out the best route and ask before you embark on the journey.
  • Keep your baggage light: Do not carry your whole world with you. A heavy bike may be difficult to manoeuvre especially in hilly terrains and if the roads are steep too. Very often you will not find the road you are supposed to takeor encounter number of sharp turns. Pack light and the lighter you travel, the better you can enjoy.
  • Sports Shoes are just not done: Sporting sports shoes on a bike ride is just not done, especially not in hilly terrain. Make sure you invest in good heavy duty hiking shoes from a reliable brand. Make it a part of your investment and when it comes to your safety do not think of money. Get a good pair and you are done for life.
  • Carry some handy food: Make sure you have food that will give you get energy from such as dry fruits, snacks, chocolates, protein/energy bars, energy drinks etc. They will keep you going, even if you do not find food for hours.
  • Warm Inners are a must: This goes without saying, you need to keep your body warm especially if you travel on a 2 wheeler. Dress up accordingly and carry light. Carry sweat proof and light clothing if you travelling in summer. Carry a jacket or woollens with socks if you are travelling in winter.
  • Be well prepared: Weather conditions and the route, conditions of the roads are absolutely unpredictable. Despite you being an avid biker you may still find yourself in soup over conditions that are not just in your hands.
  • Slow and steady: Last but not least, remember to maintain a slow sturdy speed. Do not rush or drive rash. High speeds are more likely to make it easier for your bike to go out of control in tricky situations.