Looking for luxury resorts in Yercaud? Yercaud the RainTrees welcomes you

"Ooty of the Poor" or Yercaud is considered as one of the prime jewels of the South. Situated around 350 km from Chennai,  Yercaud is a Tamil word meaning ‘Lake Forest’, quite apt for the hill town which is beautifully nestled amidst Shevaroy Hills in Salem, Tamil Nadu at an elevation of 4970 ft. The entire region is enveloped by dark and thick forests and is popular for its orange groves, coffee and spice plantations.

Looking for luxury resorts in Yercaud?

There are plenty of places to stay with your family and friends in Yercaud, but the following one offers the best of all of the experiences that Yercaud has to offer without compromising on your luxury, budget and comfort. The Yercaud the Rain Trees Resorts is the best option if you are looking for a resort that will make your trip both comfortable and memorable one. This budget friendly and safest place suits everyone's needs including families, friends, couples etc. The rooms are elegantly designed & well equipped with various guest amenities like independent cottages, Restaurant, hot and cold water, CCTV, Emergency Doctors, Laundry services, forest adventures etc.

One of the best things to do in Yercaud is to hit the Loop Road for a long ride. The Loop Road covers Yecaud Lake-Mailapatti-Manjakuttai-Cauvery Peak Road-Semmanatham- Naglur-Yercaud lake path and is only 9 minutes away from Yercaud The Rain Trees Resorts. The ride will take you through lush coffee plantations, quiet hamlets, forested hill slopes and the wildlife populating the region. The Mahameru temple and the Karadiyur viewpoint fall on this path. Tourists going for a morning drive may travel via Manjakottai for a pleasant sunrise view. On the other hand, evening sojourners should make a halt at the Servarayan temple by 5 PM to make the most of the trip.

Yercaud Lake is the nearest lake from Yercaud The Rain Trees Resorts. Also known as Big Lake or Emerald lake, this is the only naturally formed lake across all the hill stations in Tamil Nadu. The lovely garden situated along its banks and the high hills enclosing it from all sides bestow a charming look and a mesmerizing feel to the lake. The floating fountain in the lake adds to further attraction. Motor Boats and Row Boats are available for a ride on the lake at a fee. Tourists can also avail the facility to ride the self-rowing or self-pedaling boats. The Deer Park and Leisure Park situated on the banks of the lake have various animals and birds such as deers, swans, peacocks, and hamsters.

Traveling only 9 minutes away from Yercaud The Raintree Resorts will land us back to History, as this is the place where the first coffee plantation of India commenced during the British regime. The Grange is one of the oldest buildings in the town built in 1820 by M.D. Cockburn, the man who is known as the father of Yercaud. Home to orange, jackfruit, berry, guava, apple and spice plantations, the Grange also has a wide capacity to store large quantities of provisions, again dating back to History where it is revealed to play a very active role during the famous Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, and was stocked with ramparts, gun parts and cannons.

The striking Kiliyur Falls in the Servaroyan hill range of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu state is only 15 kms away from Yercaud The Raintree Resorts. The sole reason behind the formation of Kiliyur Falls is the overflowing waters of Yercaud Lake. This waterfall makes its way to Kiliyur Valley from a height of 300 feet. The water level of Kiliyur Falls rises during monsoon season, thus making it more beautiful and attractive for tourists, outings, picnics, etc. Visitors have to take a 2 km long trek, around 200 steep steps to reach the waterfall. An hour long trek from the nearest road point will lead us towards the bottom of the falls.