How Team Holidays make employees productive

Team Holidays or office retreats have been around for a while and almost all firms big or small are opting for it. When a team goes on a holiday together it becomes an opportunity for individuals to bond over and return to work refreshed and rejuvenated. Employers today view such retreats to be very advantageous for the team’s performance and productivity.

We give you reasons as to why team holidays are a great idea for both employees and employers.

1) Fun all the way with no pressure of any sort

As an employee, the first thing that comes on his mind is an outing to unwind and relax without worrying about deadlines or meetings. At the office he generally finds it difficult to interact with colleagues beyond professional limits. Team holidays at Yercaud the Rain Trees will be a chance to do exactly that! After all, what would be better than an opportunity to relax at leisure, and enjoy the scenic beauty of Yercaud.

When you bond with your team in such retreats it will result in friendships that will make everyone feel close to one another and in turn will improve the team’s professional communication. As an employer, you can also benefit from going on a holiday with your employees by setting up a plan to the retreat leading to better teamwork in the office.

2) Promote teamwork and productivity

These getaways are a perfect time to conduct team building activities through discussion and learning based games. A change in environment will allow the team to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas. You can organize Cycle tours for biking enthusiasts where they get to explore the beauty of Yercaud. They come back to the office with fresh zeal and enthusiasm and new ideas uplifting the mood.

These team getaways also bring the entire workforce from all across cities together and can turn it into a colorful melting pot of cultures and ideas. With so many people coming together, new connections and networks formed within the team, it helps in the process of the company’s professional growth.

3) Solve conflicts and reflect on life

As an employer and a team lead you can use these holidays creatively to improve your company’s professional fronts too. If planned well they can be an opportunity in disguise to get the tricky work done positively. As the team is relaxed, the retreat can serve as a time-off to look back objectively at the past or into the future. You can use it to reflect on the work done by your team in the past, assess the performance of employees and help solve conflicts in a peaceful and non-threatening manner.

The laidback environment can encourage your team workers to open up and express their thoughts or problems that are bothering them which they might not have voiced otherwise in office because of formal restrictions. It will allow the team to overcome their inhibitions and be the person that they truly are. As an employer, you will get an opportunity to scrutinize the team and identify their strengths and talents which may otherwise go unnoticed in office.

To sum up, these holidays establish a perfect work-life balance by serving as a refreshing break for employees, while benefitting the team in all aspects. An annual or a half-yearly holiday can keep the employees happy, refreshed and satisfied. Employees return to work feeling cheerful, appreciated and enthusiastic translating it more productively at the workplace. Team holidays are surely a win- win! The Rain Trees Resorts welcomes.