6 things to keep in mind before you travel solo to Yercaud

Whether you are a first-time traveller or someone who has many more miles to go, the art of travelling requires certain acts of mindfulness. Not matter if you are a solo traveller, a packaged tour lover or a weekend adventures to a far off place, it is very important to keep the below points in mind before you jet off on your trip to Yercaud.

1)    Not everything goes as per plan: Regardless of how well pre-researched you are on the pre-trip, how much planning you does, things go wrong. Flights can get delayed. A tour can get cancelled any day, flights may get delayed, and train schedules may go wrong, your car may run out of petrol, get on to the wrong bus and end up in the middle of nowhere. Embrace the roadblock and turn it into a positive experience. There are always other options, catch a public bus, hitchhike or simply change the course of your travels. The more you roll with the unexpected, the better time you will have.

2)    This is not your home: Be aware of the differenced when you meet. Stop being rude to attempt to bargain for things that you don’t really need to bargain for. Politeness is the key and there are plenty of examples of travellers not being aware of the environment. If given a chance that you do not speak the language, you never know what your actions can cause. Take cues from the locals and smile when you meet them and be aware and cautious.

3)    Go to places you wish to see and then ask around for hidden gems: We know how we rely upon online or guidebooks to see where to go or see. Guidebooks can be fantastic in point out the must-see spots and what about the little-known nooks and crannies that the guidebook or online does not include. Depending on your travel style you can get off the beaten path and make for some memorable experiences of the trip. You can chat up with the locals to find the places they are loving and experiencing them. When you explore solo, you get to understand the history of the Yercaud better and one of the highlights of the time is a sheer, eye-opening perspective you get out of it.

4)    Do not cram too much in: If you have time in a place, do not feel the need to pack your itinerary with a million things in a day. Sip that cup of coffee at a sidewalk cafe a little longer. Yercaud boasts of beautiful coffee landscapes and doesn’t miss to grab a cuppa. Take a stroll through the landscapes. Give yourself some time to reflect on your experiences than going through plenty of emotions without processing your time.

5)    Buy local: Sustainable and responsible tourism options do exist. Make sure you support the locals by purchasing goods that are a great way back to the places you go to. Coffee, Handicrafts etc will be so cool to buy especially if they are handmade.

6)    Enjoy local cuisine: Comfort food is great and most of the time necessary. You may get sick during your solo travel where you can skip local cuisine sometimes and stick to KFC, Pizza Hut type of cravings for some cheesy, carby goodness. If you are a picky eater, step out of your comfort zone sometimes and try something from what you are used to.