What to buy on your shopping spree in Yercaud

About 28 km from the industrial city of Salem is a quiet hill station of Yercaud which attracts a huge number of tourists from neighbouring states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, especially during the weekends. Situated at the height of 4970 Feet, Yercaud boasts of extensive plantations of coffee and citrus fruits. Situated at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level, it is a place where you can escape the heat of your city. Many tourists flock the destination as Yercaud offers various adventurous sports, hiking etc attracting many.

One of the first and foremost things that make s a trip exciting is shopping. No trip can be complete without buying a souvenir for our near and dear ones. Since Yercaud is essentially a hill station, there is not much of scope for shopping as there are no swanky shopping arcades and the small shops generally sells fresh natural products. Here is a rundown of the important things you can buy in Yercaud when you stay in Rain Trees.

1)    Textiles: You get an authentic range of fabrics here and when you head over to buy textiles of your choice. There are many wholesale outlets which stock fabric from all over India. With a modern build-up, the shopping experience is comfortable and rest assured you will return with genuine products only. You can also buy bright handloom fabrics from here and some of them are sourced from Salem which is close by.

2)    Spices: Owing to many spice plantations in and around Yercaud, you can tour them during your stay here. You can head to the main bazaar and buy local spices. Our team at Rain Tree Resorts will guide you with directions to the market. From cloves to cardamoms, pepper, cinnamon, they are all stocked at the many outlets of this busy marketplace. For some of the best and cheapest produce, you can stop your vehicle on the road that connects Yercaud to Salem to see vendors. Most of the spices are sourced directly from the plantations that surround the hill station. They are sold as per weights in sachets and you can buy many as they can be picked up for your friends and family back home. This is an excellent gifting idea especially for those who love food gifts.

3)    Coffee: Surrounded by coffee plantations, it is no surprise that Yercaud has some of the best coffee in the country. From robust to regular flavours, you will find all varieties. Try out our local Yercaud coffee, where its native flavour sets it apart from others. The coffee is available all over the hill station. Our resort in Yercaud is surrounded by coffee plantations and you can a trip around the coffee plantations. It boasts of strong aroma and it thoroughly refreshing. Using a filter is best to get the best results.

4)    Cosmetics: With its rich cover, Yercaud is a truly a treat to sole eyes. It is also the place where you find natural products sourced locally from essential oils to face masks, creams, lotions, natural perfumes to skin care items. Most of them are made chemical free and made with care that cause no harm. Try out a few samples before buying.